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Who We Are

Bonfire Pizza elevates the pizza experience by empowering guests to create personalized pizzas. We encourage creativity by the personalization of individualized pies surrounded by lively people and spirited energy. With a vast range of fresh, unlimited toppings and daily-made dough, pizza possibilities are endless. On top of that, our pizzas are ready in 4 minutes for one low price!

Meet the FireFam

Bonfire Pizza is all about expressing yourself through your ingredients. We are taking fast-casual to whole new level by enabling you to be your own creative chef. Artisan-style pizzas and salads are individually sized, made on demand, and ready in just minutes. Choose from an abundant amount of fresh toppings – show us what you got! At its heart, however, Bonfire is a platform for giving back to the local community.

Our People-First Mission

Our team here at Bonfire Pizza is known as the FireFam because we have a fiery passion to inspire and encourage people to forge their own paths, have no limits, and live their best lives. Tim Green, a world renowned pizza chef, is a member of our FireFam and he crafted the variety of delicious ingredients and savory sauces our guests can choose from.